A culture of Innovation

The school ambitions to build a strong research and development program, with an emphasis on finding practical solutions to real world problems. In terms of scientific research and technological development, the school’s mission in its field (s) of vocation is:

  • Contribute to the national effort of scientific research and technological development.
  • Promote the development of science and technology.
  • Participate in strengthening the national technical potential.
  • Contribute to the development of basic and applied research within companies and national institutions in the various socio-economic sectors.
  • Promote scientific research and disseminate scientific and technical information
  • Participate within the international scientific community in the exchange of knowledge and its enrichment.
  • Instill the concepts of innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship in connection with research.
  • Contribute to the national effort of quality scientific production

Machine Learning (ML)

Computer Vision (CV)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)